Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Do you shop at Target? Unfortunately, I don't as often as I'd like too. The closest one is about 25 mins away from me, but they have a great deal right now on Keebler Cookies. Here's the rundown:

(Thanks Coupongal!)

Buy 6 Keebler Deluxe Cookies: $2.00 ea.
Receive 2 Packages FREE: -$4.00
Use 3 $1.50 Printables HERE
Use 3 $1.00 Target Printables HERE
Final Price: $.08 ea.
*You will need 2 computers to access the third $1.50 Keebler printable,
if you don't have access to a second computer,
the final price is still only $.33 ea.!!!

** For the Target coupons, follow the instructions for "unregistered user, towards the bottom. The coupons are free!


Robyn said...

The Target coupons expired on 10/24. Are they lenient with expiration dates? Has anyone been successful with this deal?

Karen said...

Hey Robin! Thanks for your comment. There is actually a Chips Deluxe coupon farther down the page that expires 11/7, you can use that. As for anyone getting this deal, A Thrifty Mom did this transaction and said it worked fine. Here is the link:


I hope this helps and you are able to get this deal!

Thanks again!

Robyn said...

Thanks Karen! I found the coupon. That one doesn't say Keebler in front of it, so I would have never known. I will go try this out and let you know what happens :)

Karen said...

Great! I hope it works! It is a good deal!