Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I had a few minutes to myself this afternoon, so I ran a few errands and I went to Aldi's to pick up a few things. For the past couple of weeks, I've been looking for wild salmon. Every time I go to get it, the store is out of it, so since I was at Aldi's I checked. They had 2 kinds of wild salmon (frozen and each fillet individually vacuum sealed), one was regular wild salmon and the other is wild sockeye salmon. I bought the wild sockeye salmon for $6.99 (4-4oz fillets). I made them for dinner tonight and I will be buying them again! I was very happy with them and I really love Aldi's.

I have to admit, you do have to price shop, as they do not accept coupons and there are some items that you can get cheaper at say, Giant or Weis. But you can find some interesting things there and some things are much cheaper than the grocery store.

Just an idea of some of the prices:

Sockeye Salmon: $6.99
Wild Salmon: $3.99
Flounder: $3.99
Graham Crackers: $1.49
1 lb Celery: $.99
Hummus: $1.39
Canola Oil: $1.99 (large bottle, I just paid $2.55 for the same thing and that was with a coupon!)

Here is some things to know before you shop at Aldi's:

1. Bring a quarter. To get a cart, you need to insert a quarter. You will get the quarter back when you return the cart, but this ensures that people don't leave carts laying around in the parking lot banging up cars.
2. Bring your own bags. They have bags for sale that you can pack your groceries in, but one way they keep costs down is by not supplying bags, so bring your own (plus it's better for the environment).
3. Get chocolate! Aldi's is a Germany company, so they carry European chocolate a lot cheaper than specialty stores! It just doesn't have the same wrapper!
4. They have a double your money back guarantee! A few months ago I tried their diapers. Not so good, but I took them back and I got my money back and a box of wipes. It was really hassle free to return it. (Basically their policy is money back and then you get to try a new product, so if I wasn't satisfied with the salmon, I would get my money back and get another fish to try).

On a last note, it's a little know fact that Aldi's is a sister store of Trader Joe's. You see there are 2 brothers who own Aldi's in Europe. One of them owns Trader Joe's in America and the other owns Aldi's in America!


Caroline said...

I just started trying to get to Aldi's more to take advantage of their prices so thanks for the info! I didn't realize it is a sister company to Trader Joe's - great little trivia bit!

Karen said...

Hi Caroline! Thanks for the post! My best friend who lives in Germany told me about Aldi's the it's "sister store" Trader Joes. It made me more confident to shop there!