Friday, January 1, 2010


As you may have noticed, I've been MIA for the last month or so. I apologize, as we had some family stuff come up and I needed to take a small break from the blog. Over the past month, I have been thinking a lot about this blog and I want I share and not share on it. There are some great ladies out there that do a much better job at getting all the great deals know than I am, so I want to do something that I am passionate about. Something that means the most to me. So, as the new year is here, I am going to change my blog a bit.

I am still going to have deals listed, retail, groceries and more, but I also want to include recipes, financial information and most importantly, my diet.

Now, I have some disclaimers to provide to you.

Recipes. I have already been doing the occasional Tuesday Treat Day, which I will continue, but it might not always have a treat listed (see below). It might be what I'm making for dinner or something of the sort and I would encourage you to email me with a recipe and picture of something you make and I can post those as well.

Financial information. I don't have a degree in finance, but what I want to provide to you is what my family is doing in terms of finance. How much we spend on groceries each week, how much we're saving on them with coupons and sales, etc. It's not something you must do in your family, but I have found that I have learned what works for us by hearing from other people. So hopefully it will help you as well and if not, then that's OK too.

Lastly, diet. I went to the doctors a few weeks ago and found out I had startling blood work results. It has really opened my eyes and I can longer say, "I'm going to start my diet tomorrow." So, I have already started my diet. I am a self professed sugaraholic, so this is my first battle to overcome, eliminating sugar/baked goods from my diet. Now, again, I don't have a degree in nutrition, nor am I a doctor, but I know for me to be healthy, I will need to eliminate sugar and baked goods, at least as much as possible. I also need to lose a lot of weight, so I hope you will indulge me and help me stay accountable. While I am doing this for me, I also want to make sure I meet my grandchildren and grow old with my super husband.

So, with that said, my January goal is to work out 5 times a week (week is from Sunday to Saturday) for 60 mins and eliminate sugar slowly. Hopefully, I can lose about 5-8 lbs this month. I am taking the mindset of "1 day at a time".

Blessings to you all on this New Year!


Amy said...

I'm so glad you're back blogging again! Good luck with your resolution to get healthier. You've got awesome motivation and I know you can do it! I've made a very similar set of resolutions myself, and this week I'll begin working out again :)

Karen said...

Thanks Amy, I'm glad to be back and very motivated! It's been 10 days since I've had sugar and or baked goods and everyday is a little easier!