Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Shopping Trips

Last night I took advantage of some of the sales at Giant and Weis. I also took a trip to Roots Market for some produce. Here is what I bought.

Here is the breakdown of what I spent and saved:

Weis: (Green Giant boxed Veggies, Campbell's Soup, Progresso Soup, Gum Toothbrushes, Tomato Sauce)
Total before coupons and Club Savings: $32.07
Total Club Savings: $13.31
Total Coupon Savings: $8.70
Total Out of Pocket: $10.06* PLUS, I got back $2.00 in catalina's to spend on my next trip

Giant: (Pasta, Ragu, Bread, Chips, Instant Pudding, Yogurt, Ground Turkey, Candy, Iced Tea--but I drank that on the way home!)
Total before coupons and Bonus Card: $40.01
Total Bonus Card Savings: $13.37
Total Coupon Savings: $11.35
Total Out of Pocket: $15.29*

Roots Market: (Bananas, Watermelon, Peaches, Apples, Peppers)
Total out of Pocket: $7.75

Grand Total OOP: $33.10

My weekly budget is $40 and under, so I did pretty good!

*I didn't go to the store organized with my coupons like I normally do, so I forgot to use some coupons that would have saved me another $6.00. Oh well, such is life!

Did you find any good bargains this week? If so, post them here!

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